Kathy Sturgis Mediations provides mediation and arbitration services for Circuit Civil and Workers' Compensation cases in Southwest Florida. 

About Mediation


Mediation is a voluntary process whereby a neutral third party, the mediator, acts to assist people in resolving disagreements. The goal of mediation is to help disputing parties reach agreement.


If an agreement is reached, the terms are written down and all parties sign it.  The agreement is then forwarded to the judge for entry of an order that all parties must comply with. If an agreement is not reached, you still have the right to go before the judge for resolution of your case.

Why Should I use Mediation?


Mediation has many advantages over other forms of dispute resolution because it:

  • Encourages communication and cooperation

  • Allows the parties to control the outcome of the dispute

  • Is confidential

  • Allows the parties to taylor solutions to meet their needs

For these reasons, mediation is now required before going to final hearing. The vast majority of mediations result in an agreement, either at the mediation conference or shortly thereafter.

Preparing for Mediation

Meet with your attorney prior to the mediation session to discuss your case. Please come with an open mind and set aside strong opinions and emotions. The conference is your opportunity to sit face to face with the other side and try to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both. Mediation involves compromise and a willingness to listen and explore options that may enable you to settle your caae.


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